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To become a model NGO/Village partnership for Strengthening Families and Communities.
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Working with each village and consistent with our principles, we develop programs that care for the poor, foster self-reliance and promote service to others. We share this experience and knowledge freely.

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Most nonprofit / NGO [non government organizations] providing humanitarian services in third world countries take a similar approach.  Many organizations schedule large-scale humanitarian trips, providing services to hundreds, even thousands.  Some may even provide opportunities for children to receive education.  Unfortunately, when the group leaves after donations are left behind and the service provided becomes a memory, the area of concern most likely returns to the same conditions of despair and hopelessness.

One Village at a time...
Through the Village of Hope, we have a different approach. It is our goal to take one village at a time and help develop ALL the areas necessary for the ENTIRE village to improve its health and standard of living; to create a sense of teamwork, cooperation and independence.  Currently our efforts are centered in rural Ethiopia.

Kersa Illala...
Over the past decade, and through the efforts of many concerned individuals, the Village of Hope brought needed medical care, various donations of supplies and most importantly access to clean water for the rural village of Kersa Ilala, Ethiopia.

The Village of Kersa Ilala

We are now ready to take what we have learned over the past few years and help to implement these principles of leadership, love and service to the adjoining village of Turge [pronounced Tour-Gay].  Turge is a beautiful place, reminiscent of parts of the Napa Valley, without any infrastructure or services.  Much like Kersa, a decade ago, the people of Kersa live like they have had for hundreds of years, and yearn for an opportunity to learn how to progress.

The Village of Turge

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Please accept this invitation to join our efforts.  You don't have to travel across the world to make a world of difference. 

Please review our web site.  See where your interest, talents and experiences can be used to benefit a deserving people on the other side of the world.




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